Leadership Coaching

I offer a powerful way for managers and executives to meet their own unique challenges, such as how to:

  • interact more effectively with their team.
  • "manage upward" better.
  • communicate confidently in tough or conflict-laden situations.
  • overcome procrastination or self-doubt that hinders their progress.
  • influence others without overpowering or alienating them.

For example: a client newly appointed as a manager wanted to feel more confident and be perceived as more confident in his decision making - by his team and his peers. We worked together, meeting twice/month for six months with him doing practices between meetings. At the end of six moths he had earned the respect of peers and subordinates in how he made and communicated decisions, and his newly confident style carried over into public speaking as well. His stress level at work had decreased, leaving more energy to enjoy time at home.


Life Coaching

My Integral Coaching™ also supports people who are looking to:

  • learn to co-parent effectively
  • find a way through a career change.
  • choose and create a meaningful path of retirement.
  • navigate transitions successfully.
  • gain more satisfaction from daily life.

Coaching can take place in person, by telephone, or by skype.


Frequently asked questions