Coaching is a positive guided process that works with issues you identify to help achieve your goals.

Integral Coaching®, grounded in research on human development, uses structured exercises tailored for you to develop new awarenesses and skills. It involves the whole person: mind, body, and spirit; it goes beyond temporary insights to build sustainable change.

"The way Karen asks questions, very warm and supportive, helped me see things in new ways. This has allowed me on many occasions to see more options for myself without lowering my expectations... Karen's coaching provided a significant amount of insight in a safe, non threatening manner. It allows more innovation, broader set of options so I feel less limited in bureaucracy that often has limits built in. It allows me to see behind more about why some one is behaving a certain way, not jump to quick reactions, again, more options on how to respond."

- Manager, 38

"I now see what needs to happen and use what is happening around me to help move things forward, not thinking I need to do it all myself or be seen as totally self-sufficient. I delegate work more easily, worrying less about staff doing things wrong. I am better at dealing with bumps without undue distress."

- Manager, 31


As your coach, I will work intensively with you in a safe and challenging program of exercises, discussions and self-reflection that will strengthen you to succeed beyond your previous limitations. My clients experience new insights about themselves and how they live their lives and develop new skills and approaches that get them where they want to go.


Dealing with conflict: "The coaching helped me when I am making requests on my own behalf, or when my request gets tangled in others' needs... I am able to stand firm beside my partner's sustained difficult behaviours, letting him do what he needs to do and not take it on myself, and not be reactive."

- Community worker, 53

"This process has opened my eyes to my own self-criticism and self-doubt, and how that was stifling myself as a manager and as a person. I have learned to be me, not what others think I should be. This means I talk much more confidently with my boss; my colleagues also see a new confidence in me. As well as doing the job and doing it well, my staff are more open with me; I know I have inspired some. I feel so free and so open"

- Mara, manager, 39